VIDEO: Kurtis Yardie Falls Off 4 Feet Kasaval 2018 Stage , Sustains Minor Injuries

Written by SEYRAM
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The ‘Obaagbemi’ hit-singer after delivering an electrifying and spectacular performance at the concert fell off the stage of about 4-feet just as he was about leaving the stage.

An eyewitness present at the concert told the Kurtis Yardie sustained some minor injuries after the fall. Confirming the news, Jackson Supremo the C.E.O. of Supreme Africa Limited, the organizer of the Kasaval took to Facebook to apologize to an injured Kurtis Yardie. Admittedly, he said there were some challenges, hitches as well didn’t go well with all the artistes billed for the night.

He Posted;

We give thanks to God and every member who made KASAVAL 2018 a Success. Yes, we accept some hitches here & there that didn’t go well with all the Artistes- Our dearest apology goes to them and our brother Kurtis Yardie “speedy recovery”. Kasaval is beyond Entertainment ( No disrespect)

Kasaval is an annual musical concert championed by award-winning Supreme Africa Limited to commemorate Eid-ul-Fitr.

See video of how Kurtis Yardie fell off the stage.

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