VIDEO: Stevens Multimedia Drops Official Trailer For DreamVille TV Series

Written by SEYRAM
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Stephen Ekeso one of Africa’s Finest writer, producer, director and project manager has seta hallmark by introducing a juicy Tv series which can rival hit tv series like THINGS WE DO
FOR LOVE, TAXI DRIVER, KEJETIA, PAA KUMASI, PA TOO PA, COW AND CHICKEN etc.Dreamville is written and directed by Stephen Ekeso, produced by Recentia Promise Moore
a fast rising actress from the heart of Ghana, which stars brilliant award winning actors,actresses and Musicians such as Jeffery Nortey, Kisa Gbekle, Recentia Promise Moore, Aj
Poundz, Tony Ramesh Lachman, Qwesi Blay Jnr, Jacob Hassan, Sandra Osei-Nti, Alex Lee, Eva Adonoo, Queen Hiba, Louis Bryte Sedegah Jnr, Edwin Agbeli Jnr, Eva Adonoo,
Queen Hiba, Recentia Promise Moore, Attafuah Dwamena Owusu, Asiam Japhet, Jay Saury, Iwin of 1fame etc.
Dreamville is a series that exposes the heart of Africa’s real facts of life, a mellow drama mirroring the daily challenges and activities in Relationship, Marriage, Music, Career
ambition and acts as subject study for the challenges in society. A star studded series about love with comedy, betrayal, action, drama, suspense and thrills.
The TV series is aimed at communicating the life challenges of our youths in society to be informed of social vises and career choices from the slums, Ghettos, Estates, and the poor,
the rich. Dreamville speaks to the young at heart, the youth and society, made for those of us ready and willing to do anything to gain fame, leave a speedy life and gaining respect and
recognition in society. The biggest and much anticipated TV series to dominate the air space and the internet in the coming days, months , years , decades etc. DREAMVILLE… A

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