Video: Shatta Wale Captured On Camera Trying To Hide A White Substance Alleged To Be Cocaine

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All over the world, great personalities especially in the showbiz industry have fallen off the cliff due to abuse of drugs.

Not too far from us as Ghanaians is the glaring story of Kiki Gyan, once the greatest keyboardist and a former member of Osibisa who died in June 2014. His story and that of many others, both living and dead would however not deter others from spending money on hard drugs.

Days back, got hold of a video shared by Ghanaian dancehall artist Shatta Wale via Snapchat which has since kept us wondering if the musician has eventually ventured into the use of cocaine herein referred to as white substance.

It is a well known fact that the musician is so much into marijuana and has on several occasions even via Facebook live streamed studio sessions where he was smoking and “freeing his mind” but for a white substance, we had no idea.

Well, in the video obtained, the musician who appeared to be enjoying his ride in the streets while documenting it via a video seemed to have captured a wrong package, the white substance, which he apparently tried to hide but still shared online later.

The “package”, a white substance kept in a rubber has led many including us ask what the content could be and why Shatta Wale tried hiding it.

Again, people are confused as to why he would still share it online when he clearly tried keeping it out of the video.

Well, as it stands, we can only make reference to a white substance but cannot verify the substance.  For some, it could cocaine, others, a mere white powder.

It is unknown if the Dem Confuse who recently returned from a tour in the United States of America recorded the video while out there or in Ghana.

Watch the video from below and tell us what you think.



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