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ShowBoy Curses Upcoming Artist TBag For Making Mockry Of Him

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What do you do when you are faced with tough competition? What do you do when your works is called out and you are faced by no choice? What do you do? Run or fight?? Well this scenario was brought test when “Akuffo Addo” coroner and hit sensation T-Bag called out promoter and US based artist Showboy on his artistry. A usual attempt was to prove himself but predictably, he cornered himself and rained insults and curses on Tbag. After a successful run with Akuffo Addo, the Donzylar Records artist started the pre promo for his upcoming classic, “Come And Beat Giving examples of Come And Beat concepts, he used Showboy as a perfect example, which he (showboy) saw it as mockery. So in a regular “coward artistry” showboy cursed his career. I always say this, the best way to win is to step up. Tbag stepped to the game but Showboy couldn’t. What’s wrong with the game?? What happened to muscle outs and rap warfare. Well this proves one point; Tbag is a formidable force. And time will tell if this “curse” will turn into blessings. If you have a problem with this post, COME AND BEAT ME.


Checkout some of the post’s made by TBag that started all this below


Credit: Akwesi Broni

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