Samini – Be Alright

Written by SEYRAM
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Good Vibes, Feel High, Live Life”, these powerful opening lines for the song already sets the tone for the theme of the message embedded in this new big record. Flawless production, crisp sound, and audible vocals with groovy harmonies is what Samini brings with his just-released song to shut down year 2022 in fine style.

Samini always comes through as the ‘Vocal Saviour’ in very ugly situations; he has proven that within different periods – he seems to be the mollifying factor. “Be Alright”, his latest single is not just a swooning record but a therapeutic masterpiece he releases to comfort Ghanaians in the face of recent economic hardships. The song is out
on All Major Digital Streaming Platforms.The song is live-produced. A Reggae song with a classic production; comes across with a combination of school ska, raga, and a touch of highlife ensembles.


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